Virtual Class VR experience for students

It is a product which can change the traditional education method with immersive high technology. Students may join the classes wherever they are. They can ask questions as they wish!

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Students Love It!

It is not only one application. But also it is a new method to learning & teaching. With experiencing high quality 3D models in VR environment attract students excellent way.

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Easy To Use
Students can easily enter classes/Labs and interact with it anywhere. Study their lessons, do experiments in laboratory and take small quizzes.
Supporting multiple language in a different programs, mainly (Turkish,English,Arabic).
Each curriculum in the VRClass is customizable and able to be modified according to customers needs.
We're supporting different type of curriculums in different educational stages.
We offer lifetime bug fixing support for our softwares. Also for hardware you are under coverage of limited warranty policy.
With our high-tech apps, there is no surprise to see your company's success increases.